The aim of the conference is to develop electrical science and related industries, activation discussions on current research topics, exchange of experience and development of scientific links between scientists from different countries.

Scientific topics of XIV International Scientific and Technical Conference "Problems of Present-day Electrotechnics - 2016":

1. Theoretical Electrotechnics

2. Electrical power engineering systems, complexes and their control

3. Electrotechnical complexes

4. Power Electronics

5. Normative Base of Electrotechnics and Energy Sector


Conference topics include: Modeling, Analysis, Synthesis and Optimization of Electromechanical, Electrotechnical Systems and Electrical Drives; Control and Regulation; IT and Intelligent Systems; Conversion of Electrical Energy Parameters; Electromagnetic Compatibility; Quality of Electric Power; Diagnosis and Protection; Distributed Generation; Special Question and Applications at Electrotechnics and Power Engineering.